Friday, August 10, 2012

Facebook. Twitter. Think before u share.

Salam 21 Ramadhan..

Without realizing, we tend to believe rumours about others and become vehicles of spreading those rumours and even adding spice to make the tale more interesting, acceptable and worth retelling immediately. 

It gets to a stage where we enjoy this, thrive on it and love those who have most to share! 

It passes our day

s and gives us something to talk about.

We do not realize that it is a major sin to believe things without proper and direct verification and authentication.

The entire globe is now accessible through a small mobile device that we hold in one hand throughout most of the day, yet we choose not to use it to make a simple call of clarification.

At times even when speaking to the source we discard their statement as false without any acceptable evidence.

Never judge without giving all parties involved a full and direct hearing.

Remember to stay very far from that which does not concern us.

As juicy as the tale may seem, it may be the cause of our own downfall through oppressing the innocent or spreading tales about the friends of the Almighty, and then we may not realize why we are suffering.

We may also deny ourselves the benefit that can be derived from those whom we have spread tales about or even believed the rumours about. This would be a sign of rejection.

May the Almighty protect us all, forgive our shortcomings and make us more conscious of things that do not concern us and of rumours and their danger - Mufti Ismail Menk

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