Sunday, July 18, 2010

if i can~~

he is sad rite now.. he has no strength. i noe dat. even he didnt tell me the truth.. by hearing his voice i noe sumthing had happened to him. he need space, away from me for a little time. isn't it weird?

3 nitght i keep dreaming about hiim. and i noe, sumthing bad happened. he want to hide it from me. yes i noe it. and i noe, it is because, he dun wan me to sad together wif him. he knows that i will sad if he is.

but i noe he need me just now. he need sumone besides him. but what can i do? i want to comfort him, telling him that i owez be there for him. but i noe he refuse that..

and i told myself.... he juz need a space to comfort himself when the one that he loves most get engaged by today... i noe his feelings... soo sorry for him..

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