Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Since then, i dun ate yogurt anymore ;(

I miss u...
Thats all i wanna say.
Miss the way u smile, the way u looked at me at once time ago..
All of them remains memories..

I remember when we go to school together, holding our hand tightly, wearing similar attire. Walk together, chattering, hooo-haaa together. It is soo nice and i always smile when i remember that.

I remember every Monday we will going to Pasaraya Bintang to buy something that we MUST buy every week. DUTCH LADY YOGURT. U love Mixed Fruit flavor when i preferred Apple flavor. We will ate it together while studying, gossiping and cooking. All them with smile and joy.

As the time rolling, everything was not the same anymore. Now, u r far apart. Near in distance but far in mind. U have gone... away from me..far apart...

I really love her. I think she dunno it n never knows or never cares..
i hope i can cope with it... And since then, i dunt ate yogurt anymore because it will remind me to her ;(

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